Man’s best friend,  

puts in a word,

without knowing the river,

as if it’s in the script.


You keep my banter,

for every together.

A pesky, sprawling windfall.


Drawing, watercolor, collage; 10" x 11.5"


tastes like nostalgia.



twilight code,

unblemished living tissue,


silver lining.


Pressing all the buttons,

fully heard footnotes

speak louder than

rearranging the furniture,

amid one man’s secret.


Sure to make you sweat.

What you can’t see

In the waiting room.


Drawing, watercolor, collage

12.5" x 11.75"

Gentle giant

of a restless fusillade

and other love stories.


Closed to traffic

could be our shelter,

if it looks like a bubble

turned loose.


Hands and fingers

do the talking.

Bad apples for breakfast,

bright eyes.



anecdotal evidence,

multiple choice bingo.


A bit of sunshine

to fill the slippers.


Drawing, watercolor,

collage; 13" x 13"

Nonstop days,

in the scrim of real


Just us.


Rearview cameras

find no proof

without uttering a word.

When you find your genius,

recess never ends.



built on itself.

One big workbench.

Yes, you’ve heard the joke before,

but spare my hat.

What three questions

would you ask,

when the night comes

back to life?

Solar boat

mood swings,  


under this roof.

Bodies that spin,








It floated here.   


Bowls of ice and wind 

stripped of all but vulnerability.

From face down, teeny-weeny shrugs,

thick lashes

– where do you go from here?

Maybe it’s a swing-and-miss thing.

Eat my dust.


The storm erases

heroes of uncertainty.

Blue-eyed whispers, not shouts.

The gesture that clues built.


Drawing, watercolor, gouache, 

collage;  9.5" x 29"

It turns out that


had little to do with it.

Just a kiss, in kindness,

right this way.


The graveyard shift

in our midst,

a few layers deep.

The dead longer see

the company we kept,

gently edited,

this time out.


Drawing, watercolor, 

collage; 11" x 8.5"



To save the world,

Old-fashioned heroines

Ride smack down

Always forward.

How do they get out?




Caught in a swirl of looking both ways,

reality intervened.

The hard-knock getaway car,

For the next glitch and grumble.

A second sentence wary handshake.

At least for the moment.

Good enough.



Drawing, watercolor, collage;

12" x 9.25" and 12 x 9.75"

Entrance 1:


What is this thing called ‘industry’?

In a rainstorm of poking holes

good as gold flies at night

and vanishes into thin air.

If you could assemble

a perfect operating room

the next big thing

can’t smell or breathe.


Remaking happiness

outgrows the castle,

hell or another all-or-nothing strategy,

both good and bad for business.

Entrance 3:


Stretching and bending

its penalty meter,

politicking the mind to wander,

when the ink was the next sip.


Without legs on the fly,

A ubiquitous body double backfires.

So that’s where the holiday lights went.

Take-away reverie.

Don’t lock the doors.

Entrance 2:


Time will tell,

flies into the disruption


Waiting for a happy



A soup regrets

the uninvited

slippery slope

tied to a tawdry cast

of odd balls.


A few signs of grace

are good,

but not good enough.

Comfortable at any table,

that’s exactly the point.

Nestled in the tall grass,

tents have a way

of becoming permanent.

Better luck next time



Entrance 4:


Lady luck


howl at the moon.


Frogs and toads,

a magical, flying pair of shoes.

We are what we find

in your pocket.


Plundering cinematic weather.

Ear to the ground.

That’s not the end of it.

Luck matters.

All dressed up. 



Drawing, watercolor, collage;18" x 14"

The echo chamber time lapse,

should be seen

and not rushed.


Sing for your salt

just won’t stop

and looks the other way.


Troubling at best

became a homeland.


Replant grandeur

in a hard place.

A voter’s guide

to found footage

seemed like

the way to go.


“Two things sustain me.”

Laughing matters.

Holding hands

with chronic stress.


The bliss of nomadic freedom

and a funny business

survival state.


Anchor’s away.

Heartbreak and sugar.

Front and back.

When hawks stop circling.